Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bugging me, Bugging you...

...ooooooeeee....finally I have managed to create another of my Buggies!! It has been a while so getting back to the business of Bugging was SUPER COOL!! I just love to create them and when I begin I never can guess just what kind of Bug will pop out from the Wool! This time, Jemima, that's her name is a combination between a Bug and a Butterfly...there can only be such a creature in the World of the imagination though...I think she is more Butterfly than Bug but both are wonderful in their own way so let's call her a ButterBug!...tee hee...Sounds like a crawly that might stray into your ButterDish!!!

Insects are AMAZING aren't they?? And soooo many unusaul shapes and sizes and funny expressions...It's a mini World but WOW is it fascinating!...and Butterflies of course as sooo BEAUTIFUL!! To see ne fluttering about your Garden is a MAGICAL experience...They are almost like Fairies dancing in your Garden...and so many times they seem to come straight toward you to say Hello...It can brighten a gloomy day and leave a lasting impression....LadyBird's are my FAVOURITE of all the Buggies on the Earth...I think LadyBird's and Butterflies must be good friends indeed for they are both sooo LOVELY! I ahven't seen one ima while but as is often the case, when you think about something you haven't thought about in a while it often turns up out of the blue to give you a I shall be on the look out!! An interesting fact shared with me by my Mum is that LadyBird's don't get eaten by other bugs because they apparently taste awful! Good for them!

Jemima will be on eBay for 3 days and would looove for you to visit and say a very bug buggy Hello to her! Click here if you'd like to visit her, she is a friendly bug that's for sure!


PS. Dinky found a verrry nice home in the UK...He is flying over right this minute and I bet he is snoozin' away the hours in his cozy wee box! Seeya Dinky!

Monday, May 28, 2007

There was a Dinky doggy....

Ahhhh...remember those cartoons in the 80's?? The Smurfs, Funky Phantom, The Hair Bear Bunch, The Herculoids, Wonder Wheels...those were the days! Things have changed so much in the World but luckily we have a wonderful channel in Oz called 'Boomerang' so they all are magically appearing on the TV again! WOOHOO!! I loved 'em all and they are still such an influence on my beary life! I remember one cartoon called Dinky Doggy, it was sooo CUTE! It was about this HUGE but oh so sweet doggy named Dinky and his two humans...It was sooo much FUN and I loooved the way he used to bark, it was the CUTEST thing! My Brother could do a pretty good impression and I used to keep at him to do it over and over again...I haven't seen it for the longest time, maybe it will pop up on the telly soon! Well, what does this have to do with bears though right? Well, my latest beary is named after that ADORABLE tooney pooch! He is a tiny fella unlike Dinky doggy but he has a HUGE head and a fluffy one at that and when I finished him it just reminded me of that awesome Saturday morning cartoon, so that's just what I named him...Dinky!

I am feeling soooo nostalgic right now remembering those days of childhood...boy do I miss 'em, how 'bout you? I grew up with the magic of ET, BMX Bikes, Hubba Bubba Bubblegum, Star Wars, Yo Yo's, Atari, Family Drive-In Theatres, warm Summer nights playing ball on the road, Slip'n'Slides, 20 cent mixed lollies and so many more wonderful here to read more about growing up in the 80's! Those were the days I lived and miss every moment but we can all go back there now and again and relive the magic in our memories! How lucky I am to have grown up in that World!

Anyhoodle, back to Dinky and his World...tee hee...Click here to visit him on eBay, I hope he gives you a GIGANTIC smile and maybe even reminds you of a special time in your life!


PS...Grizwald is merrily on his Puddy Tat way to the UK! I am sure he will snooze all the way, as cats do!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Meeeee - YOW!!!!!!

Yeppers, it's another funky feline that I have created! Grizwald is a real Ginger guy with a so cute face! I think I am partly inspired to do cats by my own feverishly, far out, funky, flippy, fun-loving feline named Scoob...Okay, yes, it's a dogs name, Scooby-Doo and all that but it actually turned out just about right because our Scoob thinks she's just that...a DOG! She plays with toys like a dog, chews like a dog, plays with the dogs, eats dog food and generally thinks she is the Queen of all Pooches!...About the only thing cat like is the way she looks. the way she jumps and the way she attacks you when you least expect it! I think for Halloween I should purrrrrchase her a dog costume or at the very least have her wear a hat with floppy dog ears!...tee hee...I guess growing up with a pack of pooches makes puss a pretty oddball girl but we looove her to bits and there is oh so still a hint of the Cat species in her, her claws digging into your leg like 3 inch nails when she wants a Hug gives it away everytime!

Grizwald is on eBay for 3 days with a Buy It Now, just click here to pop over to say Hello!

One is never sure, watching two cats washing each other, whether it's affection, the taste, or a trial run for the jugular. ~Helen Thomson

PS...Jumba, my sweet little black fella is on his way to the UK! WooHooo!! He is so EXCITED!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Back to Black and a Million Paws!

Well now, I wouldn't have expected to go back to black so quickly but a wonderful collector prompted me to create a Micro mini in black and I'm so glad I did! The result is little Jumba, a kinda oddball beary in the Anime-style, gee, there's a surprise, another Anime!...tee hee...

My Mum got these AWESOME tooney like comic eyes from and I couldn't resist using them in my latest black fella!

I can't sign off without telling you all that last weekend, I went to the Million Paws Walk for the RSPCA in Adelaide! WOW!!!! More than 5000 dogs in one place! WHOA!!! There were dogs of every type there, big ones, small ones, some as big as horses and some as small as rabbits, what an array of pooches, it was FAB!!! They raised over 100,000 dollars for abused and abandoned dogs and cats and other animals. There was even a Sheep and Goat in attendance!!! A few scuffles were had by some moody pooches but all in all it was AWESOME and everybody got along great!! I took Wibo, my Cocker Spaniel and GUESS WHAT???? We won the Owner/Dog Look-a-like contest!!!! WOOHOOO!!! For real, it was SUPER!!! We even got a Blue Ribbon to show for it!! The judges thought my hair looked like Wibo's Cocker ears!!! I thought we might have a chance...We had some stiff competition with a Collie and a Papillon resembling their humans but the crowd was with us and we took the prize! Wibo sat there so well behaved and I was pleased and proud as punch of him!!! A great day was had by all, both human and canine!
Congratulations Wibo, You're a WINNER!

Back to the business of bears though! Jumba is on eBay for 5 days with a Buy It Now and I am sure would loooove a visit...Click here to see him and his wonderful mini blackness!


PS...Taffy, the Cocker Spaniel is jetting off to the UK!! A soooooo WONDERFUL collector decided she would make a happy gift for a loved one...Awwww, SUPER!!! Lucky Taffy!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cute Cockers...

Well, I have gone back to pink again...I just knew I couldn't stay away too long!...and this time, it isn't a bear! Nope, nope,'s....ahem...she's a POOCH!! A Cocker Spaniel to be precise...I just looove the floppy eared sweeties sooo much and even have a Cocker Spaniel buddy of my own! His name is Wibo and boy is he ADORABLE!! He has those big soulful eyes and the drooping jowls and is the most huggable pooch around...My other pooches are just as cuddly though but don't mind a snuggle up to Wibo every now and then..He is the biggest and for them it must be like curling up with a giant hot water bottle covered in fur!...tee hee...

Now, Taffy, my newest creation is as you aready have gathered PINK and though I don't recall having seen a pink Cocker Spaniel I am sure there are others out there...maybe...well, I am sure I have seen pink poodles! Imagine colouring your pooches hair???? It's a strange World sometimes but if a Cocker Spaniel girl could choose her own highlight colour, I am sure she would go pink, don't ya think?

Taffy is named for my Cocker Spaniel from many years ago..very loved and very missed so I hope she gives ya a HUGE spaniel like smile! Click here to find her on eBay!

PS...My very black and very cute beary girl Wednesday has happily found a wonderful home in the USA...She is flying there right now and I am sure is enjoying the journey....I imagine she will need a good stretch, a cuddle and a cookie when she arrives!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Black Wednesday!

Amazing! My preference for pink has finally ended, well, at least for a few days!...and with a bow to the extremes of life I have gone BLACK! My newest little girl is soooo black, the only bits of white on her are some checks in her ribbon and her google eyes...So I guess you could say she is colourless! So, is black really not a colour? ....ahem....according to the Wikipedia it sure ain't! Here's the lowdown on the black colour debate...

"Scientifically black is not a hue (color); a black object absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them, this is sometimes confused with black being called 'a mixture of all colors' but that is not the case. Sometimes black is described as an "achromatic color"; in practice black can be considered a color, e.g., the black cat or black paint." that clears it up...NOT! So, it's not a colour scientifically but practically it is...okay, I get it, SORTA!! Anyhoodle, Black, colour or not looks FAB on a bear!!

I guess you are thinking her name sounds suspiciously familiar to! Yeppers, you guessed it! I had the Addams Family squarely on my mind as I felted her in this oh so jet black wool (see, no reference to it being a colour...I'm learning...)...and besides I felted and finished her on a Wednesday so it seemed appropriate...=o) I just love the Addams Family and their quirkiness....The Munsters were funny to bu the Addams' had the edge for me!

Anyhoodle, if you'd like to visit Wednesday at her Auction, all ya goddadoo is click here...Hope she gives you a giGGle!


PS...Kit, my Cat in the Cup is on his way to the wonderful UK! I'm so glad he found such a kitty loving home!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cat in a Cup...

Well, I have created another kitty sittin atop a vintage item, a funny tankardy cup thing! I don't know why these little vintage doodads inspire me to create cats but there ya have it, another cat it is! His name is Kit and I tried something a little different with him...I used teeny glass beads as limbs with needle felted roundish feetsies and pawsies! I love it, it gives a new sense of fun to my micro minis and looks especially cattish!

Cats are sooo WONDERFUL aren't they! I love the way they move about like they are wearing slippers, they are sooo quiet! Now, I would love that, to walk around everywhere in a nice soft pair of slippers! I think everybody should wear them out!! To the shopping centre, to the Doctor, out to Dinner at a Restaurant, anywhere and everywhere they like! Maybe a fluffy Purple pair to the Cinema, now that's gotta make an even better movie experience! Cats are soo lucky their slippers are built in!...ugh...I wanna be a Cat!!!

Anyhoodle, if you would like to see Kit, just click here and you'll be able to see him and his funny Cup!

PS...Leelee found a FAB home in the US and is flying there as I write this...YAY Leelee!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A new day, A new colour...

Well, I have been in a PINK bear mood for some days now and it hasn't seemed to stop with me creating yet another beary in PINK!! This time a wee little Micro girl named Leelee!!

Do you notice that different days seem like different colours? I think today was an orange day and the day before was a green day, like a blue day may not actually mean a kinda sad day, it may just mean a beautiful sky is about or the birds are having a good day, blue can mean sooo many more things than just being sad...I think a purple day would be a relaxin' kinda day, red would be an exciting day, maybe yellow would be an interesting day, I wonder how your colours and days mingle together!! With all these different coloured days, I wonder why my bearies are still coming out PINK! Could it be that that is the first colour in my craft trolley!! HA!
Well, Leelee in all her pinkiness is on eBay and is oh so looking forward to meeting a new family that loves PINK!! I guess when she arrives it will be a PINK day!!...tee hee...

Click here to visit my auctions...


PS..Saihoo has been adopted by a LOVERLY lady in the UK!! He has a nickname to, Purple Pancake as he is going to live with his Brother, Pink Pancake...oh, there I go with the pink again...sigh...