Thursday, September 6, 2007

Teeny weeny beary jewellery!

Hellooooo everybody, just a shortie post but I am eager to tell you all about my latest creation...drum roll.....rrrrratatatatatata....Beary earrings! Yeppers, that's right folks, teeny tiny beary earrings! I needle felted the smallest bearies I have managed yet and attached them to some dangly earring thingamabobs....They measure just a smidge over half an inch and are in the Anime way...I just had a ball creating them, it was sure something different. I also liked the challenge of creating them to look the same but to give them their own character to...

If you'd like to take a peek-a-roo just click here to see their auction on eBay!
More soon!



Vee said...

Well, how cute are those! great job, especially with them being soooo teeny!

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Kaz, well i have to tell you those earrings are the cutest.. you are so amazing with your imagination and creativity!! It is a blessed thing! Love them!
Hugs, Linda

julietk said...

Wonderful tiny Bears, I would wear them proudly : )

Ps would you like to swop blog links with me

Anonymous said...

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