Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank Goodness for Thread!...

I have discovered that you can get stuck in a beary rut if you don't change your approach to creating bears on the odd occasion...well, at least that is my having been felting non stop for sooo many weeks I found myself felted out! It happens once in a to change gears a bit I have been getting back into my crochet and loving the change of pace! I have been working in Chenille thread which I just loooooooove! It is so easy to crochet and sooooo soft and cuddly, it really does make very huggable bears! I have ordered some unusual thread from and hope to receive it very soon so I can get my beary hands on it and start stitching!! I'll let ya know how I go when my first bear is born from it...until then I would like to share Ethan with you...He is a 4 inch beary made from ultra soft ivory and honey chenille thread...he is sooooo lovable and has such soulful eyes...I hope he spreads a bot of joy about on eBay and here....!

'til next time!



Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cheezels and Forums...

Hiya Everybody!
I know it's been a while since I posted, I have been a bizzzzy bee with my bearies but I am back and thought I should share some news!

I have had one of my bearies, his name is Cheezel, published in Teddy Bear Scene and I am so proud of him. We are slow getting the magazine here in Oz so I haven't seen him yet but I can imagine that he is spreading some Anime smiles around the Teddy Bear World! Thanks so much to Sophie at TBS for her patience and help with photos. Cheezel is actually red and blue but I love to turn bear photos sepia so I did that to Cheezels photo here and he looks sooo COOL, don't ya reckon??? I loved working in Cheezels mohair which was gifted to me by Sammie at Quirky Critters, thanks Sammie!!! I bleached it to make it a wee bit vintage looking and it worked a treat!
The Yahoo! Group Love Japanese Bearies has now gone to a Forum!!! YAY!! i love the format, sooo much easier and we ahve 21 members already, and they to like the format... check it out, there are loads of fun people to share your love of Anime bears with and to chate about all kinds of beary things! We are just beginning there but I bet we have loads of good times! There is even a free pattern already, thanks to Sammie of Quirky Critters! Boy, that Sammie is a generous gal isn't she!
Alrighty, I will post again soon I hope, in the meantime Cheezel gives you a smile!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Space...The Final Beary Frontier...

Don't you just love the vastness of space?? When you are outside on a warm Summer night, don't ya just look up at the beautiful night sky with it's glistening stars and wonder what really is out there??? I think there is nothing better than to just look up and contemplate just how magnificent the Universe is...
I have always loved warm summer nights with the front door open, the warm breeze blowing in gently and watching a good space movie on the telly! Star Wars is my FAV for that, oh not the new ones, too mod they are but the oldies and might I say the goodies...ahhh, there is nothing better! Oh and let's me not forget ET! I remember us all gathered around the telly at my Grandparents home the first time ET was on the telly...It to was a warm Summer night and it was the best, the stars were twinkling out the front door and reality was suspended in the most WONDERFUL way!
Do you believe that there is life out there like ET? Or maybe you believe in some other kind of extraterrestrial? Maybe you don't believe at all and think we are alone in the Universe? I like to think that somewhere out there on a far distant Planet, there are people like us thinking the same thing and watching the Stars just like we do...Imagine...I wonder what they would be like to talk to...If they are out there, I hope one day we will hear each other in the Night sky....Helloooooo?
To find out how the search is going visit

One little beary who keeps an eye on the S.E.T.I website is Martin! He is a new little beary I have created who looooooves everything to do with Space and the Stars!! He has his own COOL spaceship and wears a foil hat so he can tune in to any communication from the far reaches of the Universe! I just looooooved creating Martin and hope he will give you a giggle and maybe inspire you to take a moment and look up at the Stars and wonder....

Click here to say Hello to Martin on eBay...

Spacey toodles!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Teeny weeny beary jewellery!

Hellooooo everybody, just a shortie post but I am eager to tell you all about my latest creation...drum roll.....rrrrratatatatatata....Beary earrings! Yeppers, that's right folks, teeny tiny beary earrings! I needle felted the smallest bearies I have managed yet and attached them to some dangly earring thingamabobs....They measure just a smidge over half an inch and are in the Anime way...I just had a ball creating them, it was sure something different. I also liked the challenge of creating them to look the same but to give them their own character to...

If you'd like to take a peek-a-roo just click here to see their auction on eBay!
More soon!


Sunday, August 19, 2007


Good news! I have finally popped some creations for adoption on my website! YiPPee!! I have created two FUNNY Pumpkins for you to see! They are needle felted and took a loooong time to sculpt but the results were GREAT! I loooooove collectable Pumpkiny things, I have a few Samuel Bears Pumpkins and these are surely inspired by those in my collection! I was going to hold off posting them until Halloween but I couldn't resist! ooooeeee, not long to Halloween, one of my FAV times of the Year! I just wish we celebrated it more here in Oz, it's such FUN!
So if you'd like to see the Pumpkins click here...Their names are Patchum and Pumpog! They will both spend sometime on my website and then if they haven't found a family they will make an appearance on The Teddy Patch or eBay!