Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cheezels and Forums...

Hiya Everybody!
I know it's been a while since I posted, I have been a bizzzzy bee with my bearies but I am back and thought I should share some news!

I have had one of my bearies, his name is Cheezel, published in Teddy Bear Scene and I am so proud of him. We are slow getting the magazine here in Oz so I haven't seen him yet but I can imagine that he is spreading some Anime smiles around the Teddy Bear World! Thanks so much to Sophie at TBS for her patience and help with photos. Cheezel is actually red and blue but I love to turn bear photos sepia so I did that to Cheezels photo here and he looks sooo COOL, don't ya reckon??? I loved working in Cheezels mohair which was gifted to me by Sammie at Quirky Critters, thanks Sammie!!! I bleached it to make it a wee bit vintage looking and it worked a treat!
The Yahoo! Group Love Japanese Bearies has now gone to a Forum!!! YAY!! i love the format, sooo much easier and we ahve 21 members already, and they to like the format... check it out, there are loads of fun people to share your love of Anime bears with and to chate about all kinds of beary things! We are just beginning there but I bet we have loads of good times! There is even a free pattern already, thanks to Sammie of Quirky Critters! Boy, that Sammie is a generous gal isn't she!
Alrighty, I will post again soon I hope, in the meantime Cheezel gives you a smile!

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