Friday, July 27, 2007

Ah - Choo!

YAY....Finally I am back to popping my bearies on eBay! A hospital visit hadd me outta comission for a while there but thankfully I am back to creating! So, I have created a little girl named Sneeze for you all! She's in the Anime way and all pink and sweet! I so loved creating her! I'm not at all sure why I named her Sneeze, although I reckon it must be the influence of her big nose, it kinda gives her that 'I godda gold' (I gotta cold) feeling...Sneezes are the strangest things aren't they...I remember when we were kids, we'd stare at a light so that it would make us sneeze, I'm sure kids get a secret delight out of it...My family always sneezes three times in each lot, what about yours? Are you a 3 or a 2 sneeze person? We always used to make a comment if somebody in our family only did 2 sneezes, it was like a sneeze had gone missing! Hmmm....I wonder where it went!
Anyhoodle, you can visit Sneeze on eBay by clicking here...I'm sure she'd love a visit, perhaps you can say 'Gezuntheit' (Spelling?) while you are there!


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