Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Japanese Smiles!

This week I have had FUN creating a Japanese-style Micro Mini with a HUGE smile!! There is something about an Anime with a grin...ya just never know whether it's a cheeky smile, a happy smile, or a cat that ate the canary smile..sooo many moods come from the same smile!! I guess it depends on just who's looking hey!

Smiles are wonderful things, it's amazing how they can affect you and those around you, even a stitched smile on a bear can brighten somebodies day! I know myself that I be sure to smile if I am passing somebody on the street or in a shop because it seems to be contagious! Sneak a peak next time you smile at somebody..If they smile back chances are they will flash the next person a smile and then they do the same and so on it goes...It's the most contagious of all things in the World!

A smile also changes your mood for sure....It's funny, when a kid is sad and somebody can manage to do something to make them smile their whole mood changes even if it's only for a brief time...and that my friends is MAGIC!! It's like a band aid for the Soul!!

So, I hope my wee bear's smile spreads around the World a little bit and brightens somebodies day! If you'd like to see her smile, just click here to take a peakeedoo!!

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


PS...Jemima the Flutterby is on her merry way to the UK! She begged me to make the journey by herself on a wing and a prayer but I eventually convinced her that she should take the Cargo Plane...She decided it was okay and would have a long snooze on the way over so she was well rested and ready to fly about and check out her new home! YAY Jemima!


Folksie Linda said...

Oh Kaz, your wee little anime is just so cute! I agree.. there is nothing like a smile! I may have lines from smiling alot but it's the greatest thing! From my smile to yours! Hugs, Linda Folksie

Janet said...

OMG How on earth do you make these!? These are the cutest things I have EVER seen. I am thinking about trying felting and these little critters would be a long way from my abilities i think..lol Can you recommend any books or links to help me out?

Keep up the gorgeous work..

Kaz (Freckle's Heart Mini's) said...

Heya Janet!

So nice of you to comment on my felties!! I would recommend Needle Felting Magic by Barbara Allen and loads of repetitive practice for sure! I know you will create some WONDERFUL felties and it's the most fun you can have with a wool and needle!


cata said...

This Micro Mini make me smile!
Is so cute and delicate.
You have a Magical blog, thank you indeed for gime me the inspiration!
A big hug from Italy.

Liza, creator of Little Handfuls Mini Bears said...

Hey Kaz!

How are you feeling my sweet? I hope you are doing much better by the time you read this!

I just love your last bear, what a huge grin!! Sweet!

I can't wait to see more cuties, I bet you get busy while you are convalessing! (no idea how you spell that)

I wanted to let you know I finally figured out how to add links to my blog pages! lol So I have put you on there! yay

Thanks again for having me on your page, you sweet thing you!


Take care



Vee said...

found your blog through Linda's...now I feel like I am following her and Liza around the blogs! Hahahahha

I have added you to mine... hope you will visit some time...

love your little anime guys... yep...smiles all 'round...that is the ticket indeed!!