Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bugging me, Bugging you...

...ooooooeeee....finally I have managed to create another of my Buggies!! It has been a while so getting back to the business of Bugging was SUPER COOL!! I just love to create them and when I begin I never can guess just what kind of Bug will pop out from the Wool! This time, Jemima, that's her name is a combination between a Bug and a Butterfly...there can only be such a creature in the World of the imagination though...I think she is more Butterfly than Bug but both are wonderful in their own way so let's call her a ButterBug!...tee hee...Sounds like a crawly that might stray into your ButterDish!!!

Insects are AMAZING aren't they?? And soooo many unusaul shapes and sizes and funny expressions...It's a mini World but WOW is it fascinating!...and Butterflies of course as sooo BEAUTIFUL!! To see ne fluttering about your Garden is a MAGICAL experience...They are almost like Fairies dancing in your Garden...and so many times they seem to come straight toward you to say Hello...It can brighten a gloomy day and leave a lasting impression....LadyBird's are my FAVOURITE of all the Buggies on the Earth...I think LadyBird's and Butterflies must be good friends indeed for they are both sooo LOVELY! I ahven't seen one ima while but as is often the case, when you think about something you haven't thought about in a while it often turns up out of the blue to give you a I shall be on the look out!! An interesting fact shared with me by my Mum is that LadyBird's don't get eaten by other bugs because they apparently taste awful! Good for them!

Jemima will be on eBay for 3 days and would looove for you to visit and say a very bug buggy Hello to her! Click here if you'd like to visit her, she is a friendly bug that's for sure!


PS. Dinky found a verrry nice home in the UK...He is flying over right this minute and I bet he is snoozin' away the hours in his cozy wee box! Seeya Dinky!

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Yvette said...

Oh my goodness! That is the cutest bug I have ever seen!!!!
Now if all bugs looked like that I wouldn't mind them so much! What a great job you did on this sweetie! :o)