Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cat in a Cup...

Well, I have created another kitty sittin atop a vintage item, a funny tankardy cup thing! I don't know why these little vintage doodads inspire me to create cats but there ya have it, another cat it is! His name is Kit and I tried something a little different with him...I used teeny glass beads as limbs with needle felted roundish feetsies and pawsies! I love it, it gives a new sense of fun to my micro minis and looks especially cattish!

Cats are sooo WONDERFUL aren't they! I love the way they move about like they are wearing slippers, they are sooo quiet! Now, I would love that, to walk around everywhere in a nice soft pair of slippers! I think everybody should wear them out!! To the shopping centre, to the Doctor, out to Dinner at a Restaurant, anywhere and everywhere they like! Maybe a fluffy Purple pair to the Cinema, now that's gotta make an even better movie experience! Cats are soo lucky their slippers are built in!...ugh...I wanna be a Cat!!!

Anyhoodle, if you would like to see Kit, just click here and you'll be able to see him and his funny Cup!

PS...Leelee found a FAB home in the US and is flying there as I write this...YAY Leelee!


Louise Peers said...

Love this little Kitty,I wish I had seen him first !!

cata said...

This is my favorite!