Monday, May 28, 2007

There was a Dinky doggy....

Ahhhh...remember those cartoons in the 80's?? The Smurfs, Funky Phantom, The Hair Bear Bunch, The Herculoids, Wonder Wheels...those were the days! Things have changed so much in the World but luckily we have a wonderful channel in Oz called 'Boomerang' so they all are magically appearing on the TV again! WOOHOO!! I loved 'em all and they are still such an influence on my beary life! I remember one cartoon called Dinky Doggy, it was sooo CUTE! It was about this HUGE but oh so sweet doggy named Dinky and his two humans...It was sooo much FUN and I loooved the way he used to bark, it was the CUTEST thing! My Brother could do a pretty good impression and I used to keep at him to do it over and over again...I haven't seen it for the longest time, maybe it will pop up on the telly soon! Well, what does this have to do with bears though right? Well, my latest beary is named after that ADORABLE tooney pooch! He is a tiny fella unlike Dinky doggy but he has a HUGE head and a fluffy one at that and when I finished him it just reminded me of that awesome Saturday morning cartoon, so that's just what I named him...Dinky!

I am feeling soooo nostalgic right now remembering those days of childhood...boy do I miss 'em, how 'bout you? I grew up with the magic of ET, BMX Bikes, Hubba Bubba Bubblegum, Star Wars, Yo Yo's, Atari, Family Drive-In Theatres, warm Summer nights playing ball on the road, Slip'n'Slides, 20 cent mixed lollies and so many more wonderful here to read more about growing up in the 80's! Those were the days I lived and miss every moment but we can all go back there now and again and relive the magic in our memories! How lucky I am to have grown up in that World!

Anyhoodle, back to Dinky and his World...tee hee...Click here to visit him on eBay, I hope he gives you a GIGANTIC smile and maybe even reminds you of a special time in your life!


PS...Grizwald is merrily on his Puddy Tat way to the UK! I am sure he will snooze all the way, as cats do!

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Яна said...

замечательные милые и трогательные зверята!!!