Friday, May 25, 2007

Back to Black and a Million Paws!

Well now, I wouldn't have expected to go back to black so quickly but a wonderful collector prompted me to create a Micro mini in black and I'm so glad I did! The result is little Jumba, a kinda oddball beary in the Anime-style, gee, there's a surprise, another Anime!...tee hee...

My Mum got these AWESOME tooney like comic eyes from and I couldn't resist using them in my latest black fella!

I can't sign off without telling you all that last weekend, I went to the Million Paws Walk for the RSPCA in Adelaide! WOW!!!! More than 5000 dogs in one place! WHOA!!! There were dogs of every type there, big ones, small ones, some as big as horses and some as small as rabbits, what an array of pooches, it was FAB!!! They raised over 100,000 dollars for abused and abandoned dogs and cats and other animals. There was even a Sheep and Goat in attendance!!! A few scuffles were had by some moody pooches but all in all it was AWESOME and everybody got along great!! I took Wibo, my Cocker Spaniel and GUESS WHAT???? We won the Owner/Dog Look-a-like contest!!!! WOOHOOO!!! For real, it was SUPER!!! We even got a Blue Ribbon to show for it!! The judges thought my hair looked like Wibo's Cocker ears!!! I thought we might have a chance...We had some stiff competition with a Collie and a Papillon resembling their humans but the crowd was with us and we took the prize! Wibo sat there so well behaved and I was pleased and proud as punch of him!!! A great day was had by all, both human and canine!
Congratulations Wibo, You're a WINNER!

Back to the business of bears though! Jumba is on eBay for 5 days with a Buy It Now and I am sure would loooove a visit...Click here to see him and his wonderful mini blackness!


PS...Taffy, the Cocker Spaniel is jetting off to the UK!! A soooooo WONDERFUL collector decided she would make a happy gift for a loved one...Awwww, SUPER!!! Lucky Taffy!!

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