Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Of Cheeks and Chubbiness...

YAY!!! I am finally back to creating my chubby cheeky bearies, well, actually a Cat but still I am finally back to it! I have missed it so much! I began creating my 'boofheads' (that's my nickname for them) when I first started needle felting..I used to pop crochet on the back of the head and crochet the body parts but then I 'graduated' to needle felting the entire beary. They are just sooo much FUN with their GINORMOUS cheekies...It looks like they have cherries in their cheeks or something...sooo FUNNY! I have tried a new way of doing the eyes with my latest, giving him a bit more of a sweet look...turns out all I had to do was make the eyes a wee bit larger and VOILA, the sweet look! I will defo be creating more now I am back in the swing of creating them...I just hope they are able to find families who love them!

Anyhoodle, my new guy is named Toob...after the SCRUMMY snacks...you know, Toobs, those burgery kinda things that are now back on the shelves....They were the big thing when I was a kid, them and Coca-Cola...the perfect kid combo! Toob, the Cat looks nothing like them of course, he is pink and purple and oh sooo cute and he's on eBay right now, just click here to visit him!

Here is a photo of another one of my chubby cheeky bearies...Now these are some verrrrry squeezable cheeks! This bearies name is Tea Rose and those cheekies took a whole lotta feltin' that's for sure!


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Lisa of Twin Cubs said...

I just love your chubby cheeked cherubs Kaz! They always bring a smile to my face!!!