Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First post!

Well...I am new to this whole Blog thing but I hope to have it up and running properly soon for sure, although since I am writing this I guess it means it's working!...tee hee... I should introduce myself though I guess...I am Kaz, I live in South Australia and am a miniature bear and doll artist. I am a mad miniature felter...mostly using NZ Corriedale Wool to create teeny little bearies though I do crochet them as well and even use faux fur or mohair on occasion when I feel like sewing. I am a big fan of the Japanese-style bearies and have been creating them for a long time now and still looove them to bits!

What's Japanese-style right...well if ya don't know here is a little picky of one of my 'Anime' bearies!

More chit chat and bearies coming soon!

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