Friday, April 27, 2007

Rainy Days and Rumbles!

Rain, rain go away, come back another day...No, no we sure do need the rain and this lot has been FAB! I think the Earth here needed some rejuvenation and that's just what she got...only thing is the sky was dark and was rumbling like a bears belly without honey! Still, the thunder and gloomy day is worth the new freshness that comes with the rain...A rainy day also means fun with the crochet hook and what jumped off my hook this time is a very sweet traditional looking Amigurumi girl in baby pink...Awww, Shoochi, that's the name she chose, just melted my heart when she was finished and I could almost have kept her but she whispered in my ear that she'd like to travel the World and meet new people so she convinced me to pop her on eBay to find a loving family to adopt her...I just love the look of traditional Amigurumi, it's so simple yet so, so sweet...and they give such lovely hugs on a rainy and gloomy day!


1 comment:

Gaia said...

She's precious, Kaz!!

I love her to bits! So simple, yet so expressive. That's not so easy to achieve.

More, more, we want to see more!!

Hugs, Gaia